Our HOCKEY PLAYING TOURS visit key such as Holland, India, UK, South Africa & the USA. Tours for Junior, Senior and Masters aged players are available or under development. For many of these tours, we link these trips with some of the major FIH events including World Cups, World League or international test matches, so tour members can see the top players in action after taking to the field themselves. Our USA tours give female players the oportunity to gain College scholarships.

Our Junior tours are planned as player development tours and feature high profile coaches, including former international players, that travel with the team. We also link with top overseas coaches to run sessions for our teams as well.

Check out our current options on the respective pages. These tours all have limited number for players to ensure everyone gets plenty of playing time. Supporters, families and friends are welcome to travel with us as well to enjoy the matches, but also the key sightseeing spots that are included along the way.